BRP Service Department
BRP offers installation of Scotts Steering Stabilizer Components, BRP Mounting Kits and Guards and Accessories Sold by BRP.
Labor Rate $65.00/Hour (Plus Parts)

Scotts Steering Stabilizer Service

We are an Authorized Scotts Steering Stabilizer Parts & Service Center.


Lead Time

Lead time is about 1-2 business days from receipt of unit.


Basic Service: $20.00

Includes oil change, Service Base Valve and Bench Testing Damper.


Full Service: $35.00 (Plus Parts)

Includes Complete Disassembly & Inspection of Internal Components, Oil Change, Service Base Valve and Bench Testing Damper.

Replace Two Main Seals ($5.95 each)

Replace Shear Pin ($3.95)

NOTE*** Additional parts may be required to ensure proper function of damper. In the event additional parts are required, customer will be contacted to advise of additional parts or labor involved.

For Scottts Steering Stabilizer Service:

Send your damper along with the following information:

Contact Information, Name, Address, Daytime Phone Number & Email.

Any comments, notes or concerns about the current function of damper.

Send to:


C/O Scotts Damper Service

3415 Fillmore Rdige Hts. #B

Colroado Springs, CO 80907

Call for more information: 719-633-8133 / 800-834-9363