Scotts Shark Fin Disc Guard


SCOTTS bullet proof one piece shark fin style disc guard is the toughest disc guard on the market. Designed to replace both your stock plastic guard and weak cast aluminum brake caliper carrier. The 3/8" thick billet machined one piece design provides the ultimate protection for your vulnerable rear brake disc.

Don't get a DNF because of a bent rear brake disc. The SCOTTS shark fin is the first choice of many top off road professionals for protecting their rear brake disc.

SCOTTS shark fins are manufactured to the highest quality standards of fit and finish. Made in the USA from billet T-6 aluminum and left in a raw finish with Scotts engraved logo for that cool billet look.

SCOTTS one piece shark fin disc guard
Special Notes:When installing your new Scotts Shark Fin be sure to proprely lube the brake caliper pins.