Understanding Handlebar Positions and RTS


The handlebar postion is a critical part of bike setup and depending on things such as your body type, riding style, bike and or triple clamp your stock bar pisition may not suit you. Understanding handlebar postion is very simple don't let it confuse you. The information provided here will help get you up to speed.

Basically handlebar position can be thought of in 2 planes

  • Up & Down (determined by the lower bar perch height)
  • Forward to Back (distance relative to steering stem or RTS)

Up & Down is Bar height and determined by the lower bar perch height.

Forward to Back is Position RTS or Relative to Steering Stem. RTS is determined by the distance between the centerline of the steering stem and centerline of the handlebars at their clamping surface.



Bar Position Options

All triple clamps and bar mount configurations are different. At BRP most of our triple clamps offer a greater RTS value than the OEM triple clamp. That along with the 3 lower bar perch height options and 3mm offset perches you have the ability to configure a handlebar position that works best for you.

Along with the diagram above and the bar position charts below you should have all the information you need to select the bar position and height that best suits you and your preferred setup.